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Statement of the Problem

The current problem with the Internet marketing market has to do with payment processing. Governments carefully regulate this market around the world. With such strict regulations, many traditional financial solutions are simply not available.

Marketing companies often face financial problems because of these government restrictions, thereby reducing their ability to move their business forward. Most financial projects go out of business because of human factors, such as greed or unskillfulness, as well as external factors from the government, all of which have a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

The Solution and NOOX Token

Considering these internal and external factors, it is crucial to use a blockchain solution that provides payment solutions and also does it transparently and securely.

Decentralized Digital Marketing creates a payment solution platform for multi-level marketing (Digital Marketing) companies. This platform will be the first in the world that will serve existing and new Digital Marketing firms around the world. The Decentralized Digital Marketing project will be the first decentralized and completely transparent Digital Marketing system based on blockchain technology and powered by Binance Smart Chain blockchain. This will be achieved by exchanging NOOX tokens that underlie all financial interactions between project participants and developing a decentralized application platform that will bridge the gap between blockchain technology innovations and the rapidly evolving Digital Marketing industry.

Our Vision

The goal of the Decentralized Digital Marketing team is to improve the experience of using a multi-level marketing model, both for the companies using the model and for the consumers or users who benefit from working within the model. There are a lot of funding and transparency issues in the Digital Marketing marketplace right now. The Decentralized Digital Marketing team will provide the perfect solution to this problem with a peer-to-peer system that will completely eliminate many of the current problems that face the multi-level marketing industry.

What is Decentralized Digital Marketing

The final point of our aspirations is to create a global Decentralized Digital Marketing system based on the inherent value of cryptocurrency. Ideologically, the Decentralized Digital Marketing project aims to transform the modern Internet marketing market.

NOOX is an BEP20 token that uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform to help revolutionize the $178 billion marketing industry around the world. With a strong team of developers and leaders, Decentralized Digital Marketing project has ambitious goals to establish itself as a payment solution and transparency platform for all Digital Marketing businesses worldwide. With this, Decentralized Digital Marketing will build and create the largest peer-to-peer DM market in the world.

Our Goals

Increased safety and protection from the regulatory authorities all over the world.

Exponentially greater transparency between users and business to avoid acts of human infallibility.

Increased validity and confidence in many aspects of the business model: authenticity, moral guidelines and compliance with accurate and up-to-date laws, guidelines and recommendations for customers.

Based Around A Global Community Network

Decentralized Digital Marketing is the flagship of the first decentralized and completely transparent platform for multilevel marketing structures based on Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which is virtually impossible to shut down or restrict. It carefully goes through all legal loopholes without violating any laws of any countries.

Firstly, cryptocurrency has no legal entity Secondly, there is no law that prohibits such cryptocurrencies In addition, the project will help to provide people with self-confidence due to its semi-transparent nature. The network style of direct selling often becomes dependent on a system of trust and identity. With this dependency, a transparent platform will be the key to success.


Token Distribution

  • Price Now

    1 NOOX = $ 0.004

  • Total Supply Limit

    300 000 000 NOOX

Future forecast

Our Future Roadmap

  • Creating an idea for a multi-level internet marketing platform.
  • Staff search and work plan detailing.
  • Development and visual design of the platform website
  • Launch of NOOX token distribution and airdrop reward system.
  • Public Sale & IEO.
  • Pancakeswap Listing.
  • Marketing online market analysis and communication with the project's community.
  • Major Exchange Listing.
  • Development of the test version of the platform.
  • Integration of NOOX token into Decentralized Digital Marketing
    ecosystem for transparent payment solutions.
  • Launch of the beta version of the Decentralized Digital Marketing.
  • Launch of the service.
  • Creating a mobile app.
  • Search for platform vulnerabilities and fix bugs.
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